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Week of 7 March 1927

Monday, 7 March 1927

East Bergholt

A wretchedly wet day. It had rained during the night too. We went off in the car about 11 am and drove through Colchester to Braintree, and then on to see a house called "Sunny Fields", High Garrett, Bocking. A view of this house from the road was enough!! We then went on through Thaxted and had our lunch in the car near Earls Colne - then went on to "Colne House", Earls Colne, to see Lt. Colonel and Mrs T. Reynolds who were both at home and showed us round the house and grounds. We drove back via West Bergholt and ? and went for a walk after tea.

59 1/2 miles

Tuesday, 8 March

East Bergholt

We had a letter from H. Cobbe to say our offer for Edwardstone House, made on 4th March, was not accepted. We motored into Ipswich and had interview with Mr Cobbe and increased our offer. We did a lot of writing.

After tea we walked to Orvis House and returned a call on Lt. Colonel and Mrs R.C. Dodgson. A pleasant little farm house with a very beautiful view of the Stour Valley.

Wednesday, 9 March

Mr Boycott [?] of H.A. Cobbe called in morning to tell us that Mr Oliver, the Sudbury agent for Edwardstone House, had received our offer of yesterday and had refused to come down from the price the man asks.

I looked over the church in afternoon. Polly and I were shown over it by Mrs Storrs, the Rector's wife. We wrote another letter to H.A. Cobbe to put on record that we were rather aggrieved at the turn the negotiations had taken by Mr Oliver's action and asking definite questions.

Thursday, 10 March

We went on a little tour before lunch via Shelley, Kersey, Boxford and Higham, and looked in on Kersey church and saw a newly laid barn ceiling to the south part [?].

Mr H.A. Cobbe paid a visit at 1 pm in connection with the letter I wrote to him last night - no progress.

In afternoon we motored to Freston - Kitty not doing so well - often has [?] and vomiting - Leslie and Ken both worried. We saw Kit for a few minutes.

We went for a walk on our return.

Friday, 11 March

We had news from Leslie by telephone that Kitty had had a fairly quiet night. Polly and I went in the morning to Colchester and on the way looked at Braham Hall, Brampton (but did not go inside. Visited a house agent at Colchester - came back via [?].

After lunch we motored to the "Old House" Gt Hawskley and then to Wormingford and looked at the outside of a house there. Saw the church and beautiful graveyard. Back via Nayland, Stoke by Nayland and Higham.

After tea motored to Stratford St Mary to see Dr Francey [?], Sec. of the Essex and Suffolk Hunt on an errand for Cosh. Not at home but I got him later on the telephone. We took a short walk later. The heart specialist visited Kitty today and said no cause for immediate anxiety, but recovery would be very slow.

Saturday, 12 March

We went for a tour via Sudbury - Long Melford - Shimpling - Lavenham - Boxford and home. Visited the splendid churches at Lavenham and Long Melford. Lunched in the car on the road and watched the Suffolk Fox hounds draw Spethorne Wood. Had two punctures and finished at the door with our tyre flat! Visited Dr Francey, Sec. of Essex and Suffolk Fox Hounds after tea at Stratford St Mary with a list of questions from Cosh about the Mastership of the Hounds.

Polly rang up Leslie twice today to hear that the retching still continued: but that possibly she was a shade better.

Sunday, 13 March

Polly and I went to church in the morning. No sermon - took a walk to Flatford Mill afterwards. Tyres having been mended on the car we went in the afternoon to see Kitty and found her much better but very weak after having been [?], the retching and sickness stopped.

After dinner we listened in to the St Martin's service and sermon by Revd ... McCormick.

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