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Week of 28 March 1927

Monday, 28 March 1927

East Bergholt

Heard that Kitty had only a partially good night - but was better than last night.

We motored over to Sudbury and attended at the office of Hurst Boardman and Olliver - saw Mr Olliver - gave him a cheque 10% deposit in [??] - signed a provisional contract to purchase Edwardstone House. We came back via Boxford and took a turn through Girton and round by Edwardstone House.

After lunch we motored over to Freston and saw Kitty. She was better than when we last saw her, the withdrawal of the fluid from her lung having made her breathing easier, but she was depressed and had some retching.

Tuesday, 29 March

Polly's birthday. She had letters from Pippa, Betty, Gran and Mabel. Not very good news of Kit who had not slept well. We took our lunch and drove down to Aldeburgh - met Laurence [?] and Helen Cobbold - walked to see Slampeden [?] Quay - had our lunch in the car and afterwards went to see Laurence and Helen at their house, and also saw Ernie Cobbold. We went via Eyke and Tunstall and came back via Wickham Market. Stopped at Freston to see Kitty whom we thought not so well.

After tea with Leslie we came home.

Sent off cheques to P and B at Munich, who expect to come back to England next week.

Wednesday, 30 March

Leslie's account of Kitty this morning was not very cheering. Polly and I motored over to Edwardstone House this morning to consult Mr Angus Powell about insurance. We went over to Freston in the afternoon and saw Kitty - a most welcome surprise to find her looking much better and stronger. The doctor (Titterson) this morning when he examined her found the [?] had gone down somewhat - lung still clear - and condition improved. Letter from Anne this morning, the first since she had measles.

Thursday, 31 March

Fairly good report about Kitty. Polly wrote letters and I worked on the car in the morning. After lunch we motored to Ipswich. I got my pension paper signed at Lloyds Bank where Bertie Cobbold is a director - haircut - shopping - then went on to The Croft, Little Bealings, and had tea with Admiral and Mrs Aldrich. Then to Freston where we found Kitty fairly well but more breathless than yesterday.

We could not get the car in gear, or rather it is stuck in neutral, so we pushed her into Leslie's garage and took bus to Ipswich and a taxi back to East Bergholt.

Cosh rang me up in afternoon to ask me to come down on following Tuesday instead of Sunday - [??]'s little poodle has died.

Friday, 1 April

Kitty had had a bad night and was very tired. Look and Stagg's found nothing wrong with the car! We wrote letters in morning - I wrote PCs and letters to 20 house and estate agents to say we were now suited with a house.

After lunch we took the bus to Bourne Bridge - walked to Freston and saw Kitty - stayed to tea. Kenny turned up from Southend. Dr Titterson called and examined Kitty - thought there was a little fluid in the lung - changed the medicine - said condition was not worse nor really better. We motored back and Polly took a walk to Flatford Bridge.

Saturday, 2 April

Accounts of Kitty much the same - no improvement. We took our lunch and motored to Pin Mill and had our lunch sitting by the side of the river. Went to Freston and found Kitty not looking nearly so well. Breathing difficult and very tired. We called Leslie who gave her oxygen.

We came back and washed the car before tea - went for a walk before dinner.

The Boat Race was on the wireless today. Kenny listened in. Cambridge won by three lengths.

I was called up by Leslie on telephone in evening. The doctor found Kitty no better and no worse.

Sunday, 3 April

Polly and I went to the morning service here. Rev. Horne [?], the rector, preached. We wrote letters after lunch and then motored to Freston - found Kitty a little better, but much the same and very weak. Polly read some of the New Prayer Book to show the changes proposed.

When we tried to start in the car we could not get her out of gear - the same thing as happened some days ago. After much experimenting we got her into the garage and telephoned to Mr Arthur Tricker to come from East Bergholt in his Ford car to fetch us back. We had tea and waited till about 8 pm and were fetched back by the Ford.

Kenny phoned that he was detained by a magneto trouble at Melton.

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