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Week of 3 January 1927

Monday, 3 January 1927


I went off alone and walked up on way to Bich Ulm abar Oberraigan.

Nancy and Wilma went on the practice slopes in the morning and in the afternoon P, B and N went out on skis near Kaps.

Wilma still in her room.

Kitty had a severe heart attack this day, diagnosed afterwards as angina pectoris. But not so really - as the end showed - when she died on 16 May.

Tuesday, 4 January

Pippa and Betty went out on skis near Kaps. Nancy and Wilma stayed indoors. Wilma much better and Nancy with heavy cold.

Polly and I took our lunch and walked up to Obholz, where we lunched, and then on towards the Horn, but had to turn back as thick clouds came around us and then snow. We came back through Kitzbuhel where it snowed heavily

Wednesday, 5 January

Snowing most of the day. Polly and Wilma stayed indoors in morning. P and B and N skiing in afternoon. Polly, Betty and Nancy skated. I went and watched sleigh racing.

Thursday, 6 January

Snowing. All four girls out today for the first time since our arrival here on practice slopes instructed by Major Watson. We lunched at Café Reisch and Polly, Nancy and I went over to see the ??.

Pippa and Wilma joined Major Watson again on slopes north of Kaps and Betty skied by herself.

A public holiday so all shops are shut and Polly had great difficulty in finding a pair of skis for Wilma.

Friday, 7 January

Betty, Anne and Wilma out on skis and lunched at Café Reiss. Pippa out by herself in morning and with Major Watson's party in afternoon. Polly and I walked up to Melo Alp and lunched at Einseided on the way - had crampons on all the time.

Betty, Anne and Wilma skated after tea.

Saturday, 8 January

Anne's 15th birthday. Her presents were put out in our room in morning. Had letter from Cosh enclosing one from Leslie to say Kitty had had a heart attack last Sunday.

Betty, Anne and Wilma out on skis morning and afternoon. We lunched at Café Reiss. Polly tried a little skiing this afternoon. It has been snowing lightly all day and snow most of last night.

Eve Farson's baby born today at 42 Egerton Court - to be named Daniel Negley.

Sunday, 9 February

Pippa, Anne and Wilma skied a little, and with Polly lunched at Tiefenbrunner? Café. Betty and I walked up to Oberaigan and lunched there, coming back by Erb and the waterfall. Bet also skied before tea, and after tea Bet and Wilma skated.

Snowing in the evening.

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