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Week of 10 January 1927

Monday, 10 January 1927


A dreadful day. Rain all day. Lunched at Kaps. I went for a long walk to Jochsburg and back in the afternoon with Colonel Clay, and had some coffee at inn. It rained all the time.

Tuesday, 11 January

Polly and I went by 11.2 train to Kirchberg with a party of skiers. We walked up to the Inter Fleck Alp [?] and had lunch and walked back. Heavy work getting up.

Had coffee at Kirchberg and got a sleigh back.

Wednesday, 12 January

Another dreadful day. I went for a dismal walk in the rain to Reith. Had lunch at Münichau, then went to the practice slopes with Polly to watch gymkhana in pouring rain. Anne and Wilma both competed. Wilma won the ?? race with Derek Watson. Everyone soaked.

Anne and Wilma skied in morning near Kaps.

Pippa and I ?? with a party of skiers at night.

Thursday, 13 January

Going on the roads was beastly in the sludgy snow. The sun came out and it was very warm. We all lunched at the Tieffenbrunner - and Owen and Ronnie Reynolds - all feeling very slack. In afternoon P, B and W went with Col. Clay and Owen for a little tour behind Schloss Kaps. Polly and I walked up on the same ground. Anne and Wilma did a lot of ? on skis with some boys in morning and afternoon. The "Bolshies" arrived in the evening (Miss Warner (?), Miss Lloyd and another. A fancy dress dance at the Kusdor ? Not many of our party went to it.

Friday, 14 January

Snowing but not cold and snow melts as it falls in the town. Pippa, Betty, Anne and Wilma all out skiing near Kaps in Morning. Lunch at Kaps. Polly and I to the Reise-bureau before lunch.

We went to the Kursalor after dinner and entertained Mr and Mrs Forbes Dennis and two boys named Lightfoot and Martineau, Owen Reynolds, his sister and cousin Betty Reynolds, and Baron.... P and B danced a lot and we had an amusing evening.

Polly and I went to tea with Mr and Mrs Forbes Dennis at their villa on the north of Kitzbuhel. Mrs Forbes Dennis ?? under the name of Phyllis Bottome.

Saturday, 15 January

Very cold and clear blue sky.

Polly and I climbed up a path to the Seidl Alp and lunched up there in the open. We got down to the practice slopes in time to see the slalom races. Very cold looking on.

Sunday, 16 February

A lovely sunny day with blue sky. Polly and I tried again to get to the Horn but were defeated by the thick snow - a little higher than we got last time. We met Pippa and Betty Reynolds at Oberberg on our return journey. They luged down to Kitzbühel. The others had been skiing and skating.

Polly, P, B and I attended KSC dinner at the Kursalor. 54 at dinner... Quite good dinner and amusing. Prizes for slalom races presented. Dancing afterwards.

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