Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week of 1 January 1927

Saturday, 1 January 1927

Kitzbuhel, Schloss Kaps

Cloudy and thermometer just above freezing. Nancy skied on practice slopes. Polly and I walked about nearby. In afternoon Nancy remained indoors with Wilma who remained in her room all day as her temp. had been up again. Polly and I went for a walk on high ground behind Kaps in afternoon.

Col. Clancy [?] arrived in the evening. Telegram arrived from Munich to say P&B would arrive 1.28 train Sunday? or Monday.

Wilma's temp. up again in the evening.

A holiday today. Long procession of sleighs, skis and luges in afternoon. Much colder in evening.

Sunday, 2 January 1927

We went to Uber Wapner to get skis for Nancy. Nancy skied in morning. I went in sleigh and met Pippa and Betty who arrived by train by from Munich at 1.45 pm.

We all, except for Wilma, went for a walk in afternoon.

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