Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week of 8 April 1929

Monday, 8 april
RMS Walmer Castle - Edwardstone House
We went alongside the wharf at Southampton about 6 am and landed at 8.15, paid the customs and went up to London in the special boat train. Lunched at 15 Pelham Crescent with Gran, Mabel and Lil, the latter to go off to Berlin to meet Roddy on his way home from Persia - Enid at 42 Egerton Crescent about to undergo a small operation on the head.
I went to Cox and Co to get my pension papers signed and to get some cash. Polly and I left by 4.58 pm train from Liverpool St and were met at Colchester by Pippa and Anne in the old standard car. Betty and Wilma at the gate to meet us at Edwardstone. We went over the garden in the dusk.
5987 miles from Capetown.
Wednesday, 10 April
Edwardstone House
Pippa, Betty and Anne drove in to Ipswich and Betty interviewed the East Anglian Daily Times about reports and photos of Mr and Mrs Arthur of Kersey, who had been suddenly wealthy on discovering some bonds among old papers. In afternoon she visited Kersey and carried out interview and took photos - later attended a dress rehearsal of a Boxford theatrical in the Village Hall. Took photos and later made a report.
Friday, 12 April
Pippa and Anne drove to Bury St Edmunds and got Anne a driving licence.
Sunday, 14 April
Polly, Anne, Wilma and I to the early service at 8 am at Edwardstone Church. Wilma's first communion.
I went to 11 am service - resumed reading the lessons. Walked to church. Pippa drove to Colchester and met Negley and Eve Farson and took them to Edwardstone vicarage where their car was garaged and they drove it here. The Farsons stayed for lunch and tea, and took Betty and Anne with them to London.

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