Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week of 14 January 1929

Monday, 14 January 1929
Edwardstone House
Pippa and Betty drive into Colchester in the morning and Betty went off to London to resume her course at the Polytechnic. She was to go to a dance at Camberley in the evening.
Tuesday, 15 January
Heavy snow in evening from west.
Wednesday, 16 January
I drove Polly, Anne and Wilma to Sudbury station for the 9.05 train which was 40 minutes late . Very cold waiting. Anne and Wilma deplored the end of the holidays just when snow arrived!
Friend, 18 January
In the evening I met Lil, Betty, Roddy and Marcus Goodboddy at Colchester at 7.8 pm and brought them back.

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