Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week of 30 April 1928

Wednesday, 2 May 1928
Edwardstone House
Polly and I went up to London from Sudbury. She stopped at 15 Pelham
Court where I lunched with Gran, Polly and Mabel.
I visited Emms the tailor in Saville Row - also Spensers in London St
Paddington - also haircut in Windmill St. I travelled down to Sudbury
where Pippa mat me in her car.
Thursday, 3 May
I drove Betty, Anne and Wilma to Sudbury Station. Betty to go on to
Ireland? and the two "tods" to school at Limpsfield.
Pippa went to Sudbury after tea to Red Cross lecture.
Saturday, 5 May
Pippa played tennis in the morning and met Polly and Lil at Colchester
station from London.
Polly's foot much stollen still but she can wear a shoe.
Sunday, 6 May
Leslie came to lunch and brought old Bingo to be left here as he is
off tomorrow in his car to Bath to see his brother Willoughby.
After dinner Lil, Pippa and I drive to Colchester Station. Pippa is to
stay with Lil till Wednesday next.

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