Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week of 19 March 1928

Monday, 19 March 1928
Edwardstone House
Pippa called up by Enid this evening to say that she had a project for Pippa to go out to the Bernese Oberland to Lunn's Hotels as a "hostess". Pippa very excited.
Tuesday, 20 March
Pippa and Betty played tennis with the Horsfields at the Officers' Club Colchester in afternoon and then drove to Colchester station and met Polly and Gran. Pippa went up to town and the others drove home in the car.
Friday, 23 March
Polly went to Sudbury in morning and in afternoon drove Gran and Sparkes to Colchester station for London.
I met Pippa and Roddy at Colchester station at 8.50 pm.
Saturday, 24 March
Polly drove to Bures to see about a cook - nothing doing. She took Betty and Roddy part of the way and they went off for a walk and got a lift home.
Polly and Roddy went for a walk after tea to Cox's farm to see Mr Kemball about hiring ponies or horses for Easter holidays for Betty and Wilma.

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