Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week of 7 February 1927

Monday, 7 February 1927


I went about doing various chores, bank, etc.

Tuesday, 8 February

London Winchester

Polly and I left Victoria at 8.50 on a train with Reg Bruce and Horrie ? for Horsham. They drove us to Purves' garage. Car was not ready. Took till 1.45. We walked nearly to Sedwick [?] and back - lunched - and started at 1.50 and arrived Winchester soon after 4 pm. 55 1/2 miles. Polly drove all the way. Intensely cold.

We decided to stay the night at the Royal Hotel where we stayed on 5th November last. We hunted round for apartments and finally found Wellington (?) Hotel, which we think of going to tomorrow. Very cold in Winchester

Wednesday, 9 February


We spent the morning in looking for some apartments and finally found the Wellington House Kingsgate St, a private hotel, and decided to move in there. We had been to two house agents with enquiries for houses - nothing doing.

We left the Royal Hotel after lunch and ran out to Otterbourne in the car and saw the late Miss CM Yonce's house - dreadful ?? on the window. On going down St Swithin's St, a car came out of a side street and we collided (about 4 pm). We had our car towed to a garage for an estimate for repairs. We moved into Wellington then. and later got an estimate for repairs (£3-0-0). I have a cold still!

Thursday, 10 February


Bitterly cold. Went to see car which is being repaired. Decided not to wait for it today. Did some shopping. Visited St Cross and the new War Memorial Cloister. Winchester College.

Friday, 11 February


I stayed indoors all day as my cold is still heavy. Polly walked about and looked in at house agents and other places, and attended evensong in the cathedral.

Saturday, 12 February


I remained indoors all day. Polly was out and attended evensong in the cathedral. We did a lot of study of house particulars and classified them according to districts.

Sunday, 13 February


Polly attended morning service in the Cathedral - a good sermon on the new revised prayer book by Canon Hepher (?) who read out a letter written by the Bishop of Gloucester (Dr Headlan) to The Times on 11th February.

In afternoon Polly and I went for a walk, looking in at the Cathedral just before the end of evensong.

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