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Week of 31 January 1927

Monday, 31 January 1927

Carqueiranne (Var)

We stayed indoors till after lunch and then went by train to Hyères. Did some shopping, etc. and took a bus to Costabelle. Had tea at a little place and walked back to Carqueiranne. On our arrival at the hotel we found a telegram from Cosh in London sent off 7.40 pm yesterday saying "Kitty dangerously ill. Doctor considers condition critical".

We wrote out telegrams to be sent off tomorrow: to 15 Pelham Court to Pippa - to Anne, saying we would be returning to London Wednesday evening.

Tuesday, 1 February

Carqueiranne In train

We packed and went out to get some flowers sent off to Nun Calloway at Hellingley. Lunched at 12 and left by train for Toulon where we had to wait till 5.30 pm for the train in which we could go right through to Calais. We got into a compartment (2nd class) with an old clergyman, had dinner in the restaurant car and composed ourselves for the night about 10.30 pm.

Wednesday, 2 February

In the train London

Slept fairly well - had breakfast in restaurant car - got out at Gare de Lyon in Paris during the wait and went on to Calais - lunched in restaurant car - crossed in "Empress" - no trouble at Customs at Dover. Travelled to London in full carriage - snow on the ground in some places and very cold. Got through customs at Victoria fairly quickly. Arrived Pelham Court about 6.45 pm. Dined there. Letter arrived just before dinner from Leslie to say that Kitty was a good deal better. During dinner Leslie called us up on telephone and told us Kitty was going on satisfactorily - Reg Fryer also spoke from Hillside.

I got a room at Queen Alexandra Sq - Polly stayed at 15 Pelham Court.

Thursday, 3 February


Had a splendid night and got up late. Went to 42 Egerton Crescent and Saw Enid and Negley. Polly went there too and saw Eve and the baby Daniel. Polly and I saw a ?? in Bolton St, Piccadilly about houses. After lunch I went to Liverpool St to get a booklet about apartments and lodgings in East Anglia.

Friday, 4 February


Polly and I went to house agents. Tressiden Mercer - Osborne and Mercer

Polly had tea with Lil in her flat. Had herself inoculated again (by Dr Butler).

Saturday, 5 February


Floods of literature on houses from Cobbe and Winer and ?? Polly and I visited some more agents but did not get much forwarder.

Lunched at 15 Pelham Court. Reg Fryer and Aline to lunch. Roddy came in for tea. Polly and I wrote out a long list of houses after tea.

Sunday, 6 February


Overslept so was too late to go to St Paul's Cathedral. Polly and I went for a walk in the Park - Serpentine - Round Pond, etc.

Polly went to Hampstead in afternoon to see Mrs Reynolds

I had tea at 42 Egerton Crescent.

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  1. Many thanks to my sister Alice for the following information:

    "Kitty was our grandfather's elder sister. Married to Leslie Fryer. They had two sons, Reggie and Kennie."