Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week of 27 May 1929

Thursday, 30 May
Edwardstone House
Election Day. I drove from 10am to 1.45pm bringing electors to the poll. Polly drove in afternoon, I after tea and Betty after 7.30pm for Conservative candidate Colonel H.W. Burton.
Reg Bruce arrived just before tea on his motor bike from Elmhurst Farm. Aline left at 9 am for Sudbury to drive for the Liberal candidate Alan Sainsbury and arrived back about 10.45pm, having lost her way. Polly and Reg motored to Sudbury to try and find out where she had got to, but could not find out, and after much telephoning she turned up.
Election results begun on wireless late at night.
Friday, 31 May
The papers full of election news. A tremendous gain of Labour. Directly after lunch all went to Sudbury to hear result of our local election. Burton (Conservative), Sainsbury (Liberal), Thigsfield? (Labour). The Labour party has pretty much a clear majority over both other parties.

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