Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week of 17 June 1929

Monday 17 June
Edwardstone House
Went up to London with Mabel by 10.6 am train from Sudbury. I met Betty at Temple Station at 12.30. We lunched in the Strand. Went to Westminster Bridge to go on a steamer to Greenwich at 1.15 pm - found it was not running! Went to have haircut and at 3 pm went on board the steamer but had to come off after half-hour wait as it could not start! We went on a short trip to Tower Bridge and back, then went to 15 Pelham Crescent for tea with Gran.
Betty went back to Edwardstone by 6.39 pm train. I attended Regimental Dinner at Army and Navy Club. Good dinner and attendance. Slept at 15 Pelham Crescent.
Friday, 21 June
Pippa and Betty slept out on the lawn. They heard a dog in trouble and got up to look for it.
Saturday, 22 June
A little rain in morning which drove Pippa and Betty in with their camp beds to finish their sleep in garden hall. Pippa got up early and had another search for the dog heard last night.
Polly and Pippa went to the Eleys at East Bergholt for tea and tennis.
Sunday, 23 June
Pippa and Betty slept out in garden tonight.

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