Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week of 16 September 1929

Monday 16 September
Edwardstone House
In evening Polly and Anne to Sudbury for another anti-cold and influenza inoculation, and afterwards to meet Ginger Copes?, a school friend of Anne's from Sevenoaks. A letter from Betty from Basle arrived today, giving happy news of her trip.
Tuesday, 17 September
Swallows flying very high and not so numerous. Pippa, Anne and Ginger procked sloes for sloe gin in afternoon.
Wednesday, 18 September
Pippa drove Anne and Win Cooper? in her car to Walberswick, stopping en route at Ipswich going. They bathed twice with Lil Le Mesurier in the sea.
Friday, 20 September
Polly drove to Colchester and met Wilma in the afternoon on her return from Keasting? near Dover, where she had stayed with the J├Ârgensens.
4 bottles of sloe gin made today!

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