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Week of 28 January 1929

Monday, 28 January
Edwardstone House
Long letter from Polly written from bed in London yesterday, giving many instructions. I did a lot of writing today.
Wednesday, 30 January
Very busy arranging details, paying bills and "packing"!
Thursday, 31 January
Edwardstone House - London
Drove to Sudbury Station and caught the 8.4 am train. Pippa took the car back and later she drove up to town in her own car.
I took my kit to 42 Egerton Court, went and saw Polly at 15 Pelham Crescent and went off to Cox and Co and also did some shopping. Lunched at 42 Egerton Court with Enid. To Cox and Co again and got a Power of Attorney made out for Reg Bruce to act for me during my absence abroad.
Tea at 15 Pelham Crescent and dined with Lil at 120 Coleherne Court. Looked in at 15 Pelham Crescent and saw Reg and Aline there. Slept at 42 Egerton Court.
Friday, 1 February
London - Southamption - RMSS Saxon (Union Castle Line)
Polly and I left Waterloo at 11 am and were seen off by Pippa, Betty and Mabel, and after we had gone on board the Saxon and had lunch. Reg Bruce and Horrie who had motored down from town came to see us off.
Our cabin No. 122 is a really splendid one. Two berths and a sofa. Polly took the lower berth and turned up the upper berth, and I took the sofa. We started at 4 pm. Tea at 4.30. Dropped the pilot at the Needles at dusk. Sea fairly smooth.
Most of the first class passengers are for Madeira.
Saturday, 2 February
RMSS Saxon
We both are at the Captain's Table but he is down with flu.
Nothing much doing all day.
Sunday, 3 February
It came on to blow about 7am and the ship rolled a good deal. Polly stayed in her cabin and I gave breakfast a miss. Rolling got worse and lunch was a difficult job as there were no ?? on most of the tables. Luckily the ship had to be bought up into the wind to allow a gangway on port side to be secured and this allowed us to finish our lunch in quiet and Polly got up quickly.
The afternoon was very tedious owing to rolling and so was the evening.
Met Col. Pakenham, late G. ? and 11th Irish Rifles. Knew him in 36th Division.
366 Miles.

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