Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week of 11 February 1929

Monday, 11 February
RMS Saxon
Lovely day, very hot. Sea perfect to look at. Much activity in deck games. I lost in quoits and won in bucket quoits and ?. After tea, cricket: Ship v Officers. on boat deck for ladies.
After dinner a ? trial  in the lounge which was amusing but a little too long. Very hot in our cabin.
After tea the Captain had a "treasure hunt" on boat deck for ladies. Polly took some time about it and was "not placed" but "also ran".
Tuesday, 12 February
Hot and steamy below but almost a fresh southerly breeze and a lovely day. Flying fish in quantities. Polly not first rate today but better in the evening. The apple bobbing was great fun. I did not compete! After dinner a "camp fire", the captain presiding. Quite amusing.
I was taken by the captain on the bridge, chart room, etc. and all the controls etc. shown me. Very interesting.
Wednesday, 13 February
Lovely fresh morning. The wireless news from England told of snow and severe cold.
In the evening there was a Fancy Dress. Polly was one of the judges. Professor Reinecke was a "prehistoric man" in a sack.
Saturday 16 February
Dancing in the evening on the port side of deck which was covered in for the occasion.
Sunday, 17 February
Church in saloon at 10.30.
The clock was put forward 75 minutes to agree with the S.A. time at Capetown.

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