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Week of 12 October 1925

Monday, 12 October

Pension Belmont, 6 avenue Juregoz, Lausanne

The sun came out today. One could just see the outline of the mountains across the lake at one time for a few minutes.

After lunch Polly went to La Bourdonnière, saw Mlle Matti and took Betty away to do shopping with Pippa. Then Polly went to Brillantmont to see Mlle Heublis and brought the tods back to tea in Rue du Bourg. I took Betty back (15 minutes late) and later the tods.

Packing after dinner. Changed some money into Italian money today and got a special pocket book for it.

Tuesday, 13 October

The mountains on the French side of the lake appeared at last - all the clouds covered a good deal of the highest peaks. Pippa and I went for a walk in the high ground north of the town. walked through the woods to golf links and back along road to Place d'Ours - lunched on bread and cheese and milk.

Polly went to Brillantmont and took Nancy and Wilma out for a picnic tea for an hour and then took them back about 5 pm and said goodbye to them. We said goodbye to Betty after dinner in the evening.

Wednesday, 14 October

Pension Belmont, Lausanne - Hôtel des Alpes, Bex, Switzerland

We left Lausanne by 9.45 train, 3rd class, and arrived Bex. Left our luggage at station and went up to Villars in the funiculaire. Fine on journey up and views wonderful with the autumn foliage. Failed to get into Bellevue Hotel and so walked to Chessières and went into Hôtel de Chamossain where we had engaged rooms for Xmas holidays. Did not wholly approve of it. Visited Bristol Hotel and pension - brand new - eau courante - bit like a toy house - but very clean. Then tried Belvedere Hotel - closed - no-one there. Then at Palace Hotel ascertained Belle Vue was full up for Xmas. Went to Victoria Hotel for a few minutes - had chocolat at a café - very wet - trained to Bex. Enid had preceded us by two hours and got rooms at Hôtel des Alpes. Had stoves lighted in rooms etc. and luggage up from station.

Thursday, 15 October

Bex - Beau Rivage Hotel, Baveno, Lake Maggiore

Lovely morning - Dent du Midi showed up splendidly with snow on the peaks. Left Bex 10.38 train. The guard objected to our having too much luggage so this was removed to the van. Kept our carriage to ourselves all the way to Baveno - Glorious view up the Rhône Valley. Got some food at Brigue. Stopped some time at Domodossola . Arrived Baveno 3.30 pm. Took rooms at the Beau Rivage Hotel. Lovely place - had coffee at Hotel Suisse - cold in the evening.

Friday, 16 October

Beau Rivage Hotel, Baveno

Picked up letters at Poste Restante. Had a boat from hotel and all four of us rowed to Borromeo Island Isola Pescatori. Then to Stresa - lunched on the lake front in a garden. Rowed back to Isola Bella and went over the Borromeo Palace and gardens - rowed back to Baveno. Polly, Enid and Pippa had Italian lessons with the daughter of a local ?

I went for a walk up the hill at back of hotel.

We had had hot chocolat at Isola Bella; most wonderful gardens there.

Very cold in the the hotel at night - central heating not on and only a small fire in the smoking room into which we all crowded. Two English ladies gave us a tip for a trip tomorrow.

Saturday, 17 October

We left Baveno by 8.50 am boat to Cannobio - arrived there about 11.30 - Walked about - Had our lunch in a meadow and then café (very good) at the Albergo Cannobio (very clean). Polly and I then took our seats in the post motor car which became crowded and we had difficulty in keeping places for Pippa and Enid.

We started off again at 2 pm (21 people on board) squashed in among peasants. Wonderful drive of 29 kilometres to Malesco. Very narrow road with steep precipices on our side of the road all the way. Marvellous scenery.

At Finero is a small hotel which might be useful to stop at in a walking tour. Arrived at Malesco about 4 o'clock. The driving of the man in charge of the post car was wonderful - at some bends of the road it was necessary to back as the bends were so sharp. Train for Domodossola was very late. We had a wonderful trip in this electric train amongst mountains and vineyards - Missed the train to Baveno from Domodossola so hired a closed car which brought us back in time for dinner.

A really wonderful day's trip. Letter from Bet and Nancy.

Sunday, 18 October

Took steamer to Stresa and electric train from Stresa to Mattarone. Had our lunch in brilliant sunshine - not a breath of wind - the Monte Rosa chain of mountains very clear and snow covered - Good views of Lakes Maggiore and Orta, and rather dim views of the more distant and smaller lakes. Walked up to the cross on top of Mattarone and passed the hotel. Returned to Stresa by the electric train. Back by steamer to Baveno.

Cold in the evening at the hotel - All of us sat huddled in the smoking room - the only place with a fire - I had a bad cold and felt a poor thing.

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