Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week of 1 September 1930

Thursday, 4 September
Edwardstone House
The result of the Oxford Local Examination for the School Certificate was received today. Wilma passed with Honours, First Class. This is vand ery good and she is of course delighted. She sent a telegram to Polly who replied at once. Distinction in French.

Saturday, 6 September
Edwardstone House - Burnham on Crouch
The four girls started off in Pippa's car about 10.45 for Horning, Norfolk, to live in a houseboat for a week.
Roddy and I left in our old Standard car at 10.50 and arrived at Burnham at 12.50. Went on board Smack? yacht
 "Martha" and had lunch, and then came ashore again later after tea to get a small table for the cabin and other items.

Sunday, 7 September
Burnham on Crouch - Pin Mill
Reached Harwich at 3 pm, Pin Mill at 5.30 pm where we anchored. Against the ebb into Harwich and up to Pin Mill.

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